Diamond Wire

DSTX602 Precision Wire Saw with Sample Stage and Diamond Wire  
DSTX602 Precision Wire Saw with Sample Stage and Diamond Wire
Detailed Description

    DSTX-602 precision doamomd wire saw is designed to provide smooth cutting or slicing for all kinds of materials, especially for very brittle crystals, such as SrTiO3, ZnO,  LiNbO3 and GaAs etc. up to 6" diameter It cuts crystal by a diamond impregnated wire ( 0.28 mm diameter) which move repeately backing and forward with automatic controller. It is equipped with a sample holder with htree angles adjustable
     DSTX-602 is a ideal cutting tool for your R&D and laboratory of crystal and ceramic materials


  • Heavy duty Aluminum alloy structure
  • Automatic control for moving speed of diamond wire,  feeding speed of sample stage and slicing thickness.
  • The sample stage can be adjusted in three angle or make precision orientation
  • Max. travel distance of sample stage is 12".  Traveling position accuracy: +/- 0.01mm
  • Max. cutting diameter is 6" diameter by adjusting guiding wheels           
  • Wire Moving speed: 0-5 mm/sec. 
  • Two rolls  of diamond wires  ( 64 meter long x 0.28 mm diameter ) are included for immediate use
  • Power Supply: A/C 110V or 220 V selectable 
  • Package dimension:  810mm x 800mm x 800mm (32"x31.5"x31.5")
  • Shipping weight:       150  kg (303 lbs)


  • We don't keep this diamond wire saw in stock,  please allow 4- 6 weeks to delivery after order.
  • Technical training is avialable in our laboratory in China only to keep cost down
  • Caution:  Please use anti-corrossion coolant for cuting ( Lube-cool 150 suggested), never use water for cutting  cooling.


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