Spin etcher & Developer system



Multipurpose Processor/Spin Processor
spin etcher, spin developer, spin coater
We have a case unlike the real thing to a product of a photograph.
  Model £º DAS-401
    It corresponds to the acid and the solvent by two kinds of body materials. (Please consults with¡¡us when¡¡you¡¡will¡¡study. The photo is PVC body. )
Multipurpose equipment that can be used for etching, cleaning, development, stripping¡¢ dry ¡¢etc.
Substrate size ¥Õ2 inch ¢¦ ¥Õ8 inch
Clean unit HEPA filter as standard
Clean Spin clean and (Brush or MS User choose)
Spindle motor DC Motor
Range of revolution speed 100-5000 rpm
Revolution speed setting Volume
Revolution speed display Analog (Digital)
Acid specification Acid and alkali type
Solvent specification       IPA . Various solution such as acetones
Option£ó High-pressure jet nozzle and chemical nozzle , Filter,etc.
DIW. RC£³£¯£¸inch
Power supply £Á£Ã100£ö¡¡£ï£ò200v¡¡10£Á¡¡50/60£È£ú¡¡±£±£°£¥
EXH. ¥Õ50£í£í¡¡PVC.



1. Our supply to Spin Etcher for Glass, Wafer, P.C.B.
2. Our supply to very simply control & High sensitivity pattern.
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