Manual and Semiautomatic
Probe Stations

CheckMate Series Probe Stations

Signatone CheckMate probe stations are available in five different 200mm and 300mm versions. These are world class, ultra-stable 200mm / 300mm analytical probe station with coarse and fine wafer stage movement to provide fast wafer movement as well as submicron resolution. The CheckMate series of analytical probe stations reflects a very simple philosophy of design โ€“ make it strong, make it stable, make it accurate and above all, make it easy to use.

CheckMate probe stations are available with the Signatone Local Chamber option which provides protection from light and RF during low current analysis, and protection from condensation during cold probing applications. Signatone's TRIPAK Low Current Analysis hardware allows the CheckMate Probe Stations to be used to measure at currents as low as 1 femtoamp at temperatures up to 300C. A wide range of Probing Accessories including thermal chucks, lasers, dark boxes, programmable micropositioners and vibration isolation solutions are available. CheckMate stations are designed so that options such as the local chamber and/or motorization can be field upgraded without removing the probe station from the customer's facility.

S--460 Semiautomatic Probe Station

The S-460 probe stations will accommodate wafers up to 6" in diameter and can be used for a wide range of applications including failure analysis, design-debug, product engineering, and even low volume production testing. The Signatone Solutions Windows software provides user friendly wafer mapping and can interface to several instrument control software packages to provide a truly automated test system. Thermal chucks are available in a variety of temperature ranges. Software/hardware features include programmable soft Z motion, two point theta alignment, on-screen video, and over 100 user commands. The system will support programmable micropositioners, and is available with a joystick/thumbwheel controller. The S-460 is a versatile feature packed system for wafers up to 6".

S-1160 Probe Station

The Signatone S-1160 is a rugged, economically priced, manual probe station that can be fitted with either high powered optics for probing small geometries or lower powered optics for probing bonding pads and larger geometries. The S-1160 is available in a variety of configurations for applications including RF probing, low current (femtoamp range) probing, failure analysis, thermal probing and other uses. The S-1160 will accept both magnetic base and vacuum base micropositioners and is equipped with vacuum ports for up to twelve vacuum base micropositioners. The S-1160 has a proven track record for reliability and functionality at an attractive price.

H-100 Series Hybrid Probe Station

H-100 series probe stations include a three inch square device / substrate chuck and are primarily designed for probing thick film devices such as ceramic substrates, printed circuit boards and hybrid circuits. The H-150 system, however, can be equipped with a four inch diameter wafer chuck for probing wafers up to four inches in diameter. H-100 series probe stations are available in three versions: H-100, H-120 and H-150. The modular design provides a wide number of options to suit a broad range of needs. All models include an aluminum base casting, a device stage with four inches of X-Y travel, a linear motion platen that can be raised and lowered using either a crank or a lever, and a microscope tower for mounting Stereozoom optics in a fixed position. A 4" x 4" microscope stage is optional. The platen will accept up to six magnetic based micropositioners and a probe card adapter for use with probe cards. Micropositioner electrical connections are made through six pin jacks that correspond to color coded banana plugs.

TH76 Test Head Probe Station

The TH76 Test Head Prober is constructed around a vibration isolation table. The test head is "docked" beneath a large plate (the vibration table top) that floats on a cushion of compressed N2 or C.D.A. A hole is milled into the plate to provide for probing into the device. A micropositioner support platen is mounted on top of the plate. The system has wheels so that it can be positioned above the test head. An assortment of options are available to enhance the probing capabilities of the system, including CAP (Computer


WaveLink RF Probe Stations

The WL-210 manual RF Probe Station
Calibration chuck offers 3 substrate sites with individual vacuum control, and theta and Z adjustment independent of the main chuck.

The WL-250 has joystick/thumbwheel remote dial control, programmable, and includes the local chamber.

WL250 with Local Chamber


WaveLink Independent
Calibration Chuck

Semiauto / Manual RF Probers
  • Powerful Windows Navigation Software
  • Easy Interface to Network Analyzers
  • Cal Substrates Mount on an independent Cal-Chuck
  • Automatic Calibration Routines
  • Full Range of Calibration Substrates
  • Easy Routing of RF Cables
  • Non-Resonant Chuck for measurements below 325 GHz
  • 2" of platen Z travel
  • Local Chamber Option
  • Excellent System Stability / Solid Platen Design
Planerizable RF Micropositioners
  • N-S-E-W orientations
  • Magnetic, Vacuum, or Mechanical mounting
  • 1" X-Y-Z Movements
  • Captured Bearings - Prevent Accidents
  • Durable / Economical Microwave Probes
  • Economical Microwave Cables
  • 2" of platen Z travel

WaveLink 1160 RF Probe Station
The WL-1160 probe stations are simple, rugged, and economically priced systems that are specially configured for RF/Microwave probing applications. The large platen is well suited to the large microwave type micropositioners. The independent calibration chuck will accept one of several calibration substrates. Wafer chucks are available in 4", 6" and 8". The systems can be fitted with either high powered optics for probing small geometries or lower powered optics for probing larger geometries. The WL-1160 will accept microwave micropositioners with either magnetic, vacuum, or mechanically mounted bases. The S-1160 series probe stations have a proven track record for reliability and functionality at an attractive price.



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